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Mark-i’s role

What Mark-i seeks is to completely fulfill both our customers’ and partners’ needs in the IP business.

What are the needs of our customers? That is to outsource whatever they want, whenever they want, and as much as they want. In addition to that, it is usually necessary to do the work, not one country, but several countries at the same time. Mark-i has been focusing these points. We believe our constant growth of sales and the strong existence of our company in the IP business are the results of that effort.

Next, what are the needs of our partners, which are patent attorneys and offices that provide us with services as a part of our business? We believe that is to effectively obtain businesses that grow constantly. Mark-i can steadily provide for the needs of our partners.

China’s recent remarkable growth is strongly pulling the economy in Asia. The Japanese economy, which has been stagnating for a long time because of the burst of the bubble economy, is not an exception. Under this circumstance, what are the Japanese characteristics that we need to project more clearly? We think it is the "Spirit of Service" which served as the driving force to bring forth our sophisticated technical capabilities and advanced consumer society.

Mark-i hopes that we can provide this "Spirit of Service" across borders. Our service should be enjoyed by you, our customers and partners. The economic expansion of the Far East Asia will spread in not only one area of the world, but all over the world. It’s our sincere desire that you and Mark-i can realize this new economic movement together.